My guess is that you have probably put a sky mark or two on a club in your lifetime. I have been looking at some of your other Ultimate Driver Reviews and the newer ones detail the testers shot results in a graphical manner. I only have one round under my belt but I immediately noticed the decrease side spin side spin too! That is a good tip particularly to tthose fressh to the blogosphere. This golfer can only hope… Great review as always and objective which is why this site and these reviews are valued!!!

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I have a 95 mph swing very similar to the numbers your tester Mark puts up and find that the hit it 9 yards further than the closest club in comparison and that the accuracy was amazing.

I am glad woth found our site Brian. After 20 shots only three were more than 10 yards off target.

Adams Speedline with DFS Driver | Bunkers Paradise

Brian 8 years ago. With such a good review of thedo you plan on reviewing the new F11 driver? Because of this review, I recently purchased this driver from Ebay.

Posted 31 July – Victor 8 years ago.

Is the a good upgrade? I just started playing their 9064lls irons and at this moment cannot imagine hitting anything else feel is incredible.


I am keeping this driver. BJB 8 years ago. Well this driver, when hit on the screws is kind of like that same hybrid solid impact feel we all have come to love. Adams driver is not popular in Malaysia at all. Since our testers come from a range of handicaps, and most will admit that bad swings can happen to anyone, we protect the clubs to ensure that they look the same for all of our testers.

Oct 12, Comments. I hit my r9 tp about to speedlinf had a hook of about 25 yards at times which was troubling. I have found this club to be 5 yards longer of the tee than the cobra S91 pro S, but pretty much the bad shots are terrible.

The sole is black. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. I would have never even looked at any of these items had it not been for the reviews.

Adams Speedline LS DFS Driver at

How is it compared to the one with DFS? I was most impressed with tee shots into the wind, just bored right through, the spin has been greatly reduced that is a Aams. P shaft in mine and was wondering if i should of got a heavier shaft.


Its so buttery and solid.

Excellent review, I think I just found a new favorite site. More important, it was VERY accurate, consistently finding the fairway. Many of the tour pros have bag deals that do not include anything in the bag. Unsure if I should upgrade, any suggestions apart from testing as left handed Adams equipment in Australia is like water in the sahara…… Any help would be much appreciated. In fact, the Speedline Fast 10 was the first club we put through the new review process we implemented earlier this year.

Sky marking a driver is something only a hack witb do.

Adams ADJUSTABLE Speedline 9064LS

Mike R 8 years ago. I promise you every review on those items are dead on.

I’m a little bummed now because my order has already gone zdams for the ls: Matt 8 years ago. This club has the looks for sure, and I am glad it stood up to your very tough testing!