This utility allows users to configure multiple alternative configurations for different locations. The toolbar buttons allow quick access to some common commands in the Mobile Manager utility. You may specify more than one gateway. Double-click on the System icon. Click to close the Wireless Settings utility window. You may also use this file as backup.

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Use the same proxy server for all protocols — Specifies whether you want to use the same proxy server to gain access to the Internet using all protocols. You may use the Mobile Manager utility main window to create, edit, or activate a configuration.

The following connection parameters are displayed in graphical representation. The communication quality is based on signal level and noise level measurements.

STA indicates an Ad-hoc network type. Type a combination of up to 64 letters, numbers, or symbols in the Passphrase field.

ASUS WLg USB WLAN Adapter Windows, Linux, Mac OS Drivers | Wireless Drivers

The MAC Address field displays the hardware address of a device connected to a network. Configure the ping session by assigning the size and count of packet to send, and the time limit for a ping session to continue in milliseconds. Follow the screens instructions to activate a configuration.


This field displays the SSID of the network to which the card is associated or is intending to join. Set the SSID to a null string to allow your station to connect to any available access point.

Select a configuration from the Mobile Manager window. Connection tab The Connection tab provides real-time information on connection throughput, frame errors, signal strength, link quality and overall connection quality in graphical representation.

Select the Ad Hoc mode to communicate directly with other mobile clients within the wireless LAN adapter range. List — Shows asusrek list adapted available configurations.

Bypass proxy server for local addresses — This option allows you to use the proxy server for all local Intranet addresses. Up — Raises the position of a selected wireless network configuration in the preferred adaptwr list.

Asus WLG V3 Wireless Driver – Wireless Drivers

Specifies the average noise level of the Frequency Channel currently used for connection. This line specifies the average signal level of the Basic Service Set to which the adpater is connected.

You may also press in your keyboard. The computer name is generally the same with the DNS hostname. Copy — Duplicates the selected configuration.

ASUS WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter Windows, Linux, Mac OS Drivers

Select this option if your computer has an installed modem. W-167g Search to rescan available networks. If no associations are made, Auto Roaming automatically connects to a wireless network based on your specified configurations. Click Finish to close the wizard. To ping a connection: Click Advanced to display the proxy server and printer sharing options.


ASUS WL-167g Free Driver Download (Official)

The computer name allows other wla in a network to recognize your computer. You can have up to eight IP addresses for gateways.

Click to apply the changes made on the Wireless Settings utility.

This tab allows you to add WINS addresses and arrange them in order of their use. Repeat the process to add another gateway.

Right-click the Control Center icon, then select Help. Click the Clear button to clear the session field. A yellow exclamation point or a red plus sign appears on the ASUS Clicking this button opens the Site Survey window.