Pause Duration You can set the length of the pause that you may have to insert when dialing a long distance number. Drag the Remove Moire slider to the left to remove less, to the right to remove more. To move a document: To print the Fax Log: Edge A white bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window which will contain your download.

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Canon MultiPass C-530

Displaying Information Canon multipass c530 the Scan Driver You can display version and copyright information about the scan driver using the About dialog box. Page Adjusting the Orientation of the Layout When creating or editing a cover page, you may want to adjust your view of the layout.

Visit the Canon Online Store. Page To display a document: In the Export Address Book dialog box, select how you want to export the address book, as a.

If you export a multiple mutipass document, each page is exported as a separate document. To change a creator: For additional information, refer to later sections canon multipass c530 this canon multipass c530. Images are grayscale images 8 bits per pixel converted to binary images 1 bit per pixel using Canon ImageTrust technology.

Click Show Navigator on the View menu.


Canon MultiPASS C530 Quick Start Manual

As you scroll through pages in the document, the current page canon multipass c530 updates instantly. Page Resizing a Field With the multipasd of the Canon multipass c530 field, most of the variable fields consist of a single line of text. When you reply to a received fax in your e-mail application, the response is sent as a fax to the original sender. When an active fax job completes successfully, it is automatically moved to the Sent Fax nultipass or deleted based on whether you specified to delete after sending in the Send Fax dialog box.

I have read and understand the information above, and wish to download the designated software.

Page To change a creator: To do this, select a color and then draw a rectangular highlight over the desired area. With the Address Book open, select the command to add canon multipass c530 edit a group entry: Speed You can set the transmission speed used to receive faxes.


On the Canon multipass c530 toolbox, select the Sticky-Note tool and drag the cursor to draw an appropriately sized square or rectangle. Page To print the document: Edit the owner as desired and press Enter To remove an owner: Table Of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction All the documents in the Desktop Manager Only the documents found from a previous search Page Half Tone: To send the fax immediately, click Canon multipass c530 Now.


To canon multipass c530 a recipient to the Address Book: To scroll through a zoomed document: These tone adjustments are only for black and white images. If you have a pulse line, be sure the unit is set for pulse dialing.

Page To insert a text stamp: Viewing at this point enables you to check whether you are assigning the search criteria to the right document.

Then click the document name to position the insertion point. For example, to create a novel effect, you may want to flip an imbedded graphic on its vertical or horizontal axis. The higher the setting, the faster the transmission. To search documents canon multipass c530 text string: Tone Toolbar Using the buttons on canon multipass c530 toolbar, you can access settings which affect different aspects of image tone, and give you great flexibility in manipulating your image tone before scanning the image.