So the search continues.. I was very surprised by this; the sample rate of those cards is higher than those of phillips. I used amCap to capture and VirtualDub and it’s levels filter to check the peak-white and black levels. For comparison here is the same graph from a SVCD, so with a lower pixelrate. Theoretical capture card with the capturing window beginning before the start of the active part of the DVD signal. But maybe I’ll just post and not worry about my facts.

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Theoretically if you know the one you should be able to deduce the other, but I don’t know how myself. One of the 1st things I though I knew was that they sample at 1 and only 1 rate. But I don’t know what to change You must log in or sign up to reply here.

They stagger the lines on a grey background.

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

You might fake the pattern, but the resulting line would have a colorburst in it, which the original signal doesn’t have. Yes, my password is: You cannot have an ordinary picture, cap it from DVD and then reproduce it. Oct 12, at Theoretical capture card with the capture window coinciding with the signal resulting from DVD pixel 7.


Again it captures less and then resizes. Note the remark on page 2 about separating chroma and luma beforehand. More bad news However with PAL S-Video, I then see scanline chroma noise, like the even scanlines have slightly different colours than the odd scanlines.


DScaler auto-calibration would be particularly useful for set-up. It is the same application. Brightness and Contrast sliders don’t show numeric values so it’s hard to set exactly. I’d like more info on what a CX chip does, because it seems to have a higher limit, but It is not in the spec.

I think I can see where the number 80 comes from.

The moment the sample rate is not exactly Here is where I really can’t connect the dots. However it took quite a while until the new feature was merged into the main kernel line. I do highly recommend it. Find More Posts by Arachnotron.

Also I have 2 more questions: And here I was thinking that companies that wish to sell products should have a search function on their homepage that actually FINDS their products, and not rely on unrelated third-party searches to find things for them. With cards based on the Conexant CX also known as Bt capture chip there are still unsolved problems with interference between the dsdrv and the vendor’s WDM drivers.

I used amCap to capture and VirtualDub and it’s levels filter to check the peak-white and black levels. Suppliers who can match your search. Trevlac Hi Trev, Thanks for the info.


Nxtvepg Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers)

I found I lacked knowledge of things like “periodic trigonomic functions”. The way they measured the resolution of a display was to actually draw a picture and display it on the TV. A resize to a lower size is in fact a lowpass filter. Last, most DVD players crop a few lines, and since this would be the first line it cs23881 a sure thing to go. Huffy is a compression codec, so it has no influence on the hardware whatsoever. Wed Nov 19, As of writing this work on this area is underway, but there probably won’t be a release until late current planning, may still change.

Your cx2881 didn’t work by the way, but from the descriptions on the web I get the inpression it is a tespattern you can use to find out which pixels are cropped by the DVD player on the edges.