The huge plastic square is almost the size of a keyboard, and it eats up an absurd amount of desk space. Macros executed with correct timing, allows for purchase scripts, grenade throw, communication, looping events, etc Unfortunately, the Headshot mouse will also keep you tethered to its giant plastic mouse pad. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Review Sections Review Specs.

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Against Looks awful Expensive Not very responsive or accurate.

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Unfortunately, the Headshot mouse will also keep you tethered to its giant plastic mouse pad. We’ve changed, we promise. A pair above the mouse wheel provide additional functions for most programs.

Auto-switching between profiles, depending on the active program.

Today, we have the opportunity to take a look at the Fanatec Headshot Controller. For Besides the coiled tail, there’s little to like.

Finally, a series of LEDs within the mouse give it a nifty glowing effect.

Fanatec Headshot Controller Gaming Mouse & Pad

The Bottom Line It’s hard-core and flashy, and it has lots of extra features. The huge plastic square is almost the size of a keyboard, and it eats up an absurd amount of desk space. It successfully keeps the cable from getting snagged and impeding your gaming.


Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Review Sections Review Specs. And if that isn’t enough, the plastic arch glows, just like the mouse itself.

Automatic creation of profiles for all software applications. The mini version of the MX Master, Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse, is almost as feature-rich The Bad Mouse essentially tethered to bulky mouse pad; almost nonexistent documentation; questionable “joystick emulator” feature.


Hexdshot additional pair of buttons just under the wheel controls the mouse’s resolution, shifting from dpi to up to 4,dpi resolution with just a few taps. Innovative design allows your fingers to rest comfortably on the mouse eliminating friction. Logitech’s smooth-tracking, comfy mouse keeps carpal tunnel at arm’s length. Non-slip high-injection mold TPR rubber grip. Fanatec Headshot Controller Features The Headshot Controller is made of three parts, the mouse, called “Headshot”, the mouse pad – called “aURa” and the software with the name “emul8or” Headshot Controller Ergonomic size adjustment to fit any hand comfortably.

Double assignment of all keyboard keys with long-click or double click. What about accuracy of contrloler Best Computer Accessories for If you want to game on the go, give this mouse a pass. On-the-fly programming during game play. Game mice tend to be pretty funky. Well, everyone on our team found that pinpointing targets with the grotesque charade of a mouse is mediocre, and its only positive feature is the coiled tail suspended by the plastic arc o’ light. Our Verdict Ugly and awkward, this is almost certainly not worthy of 80 of your hard earned pounds.


Fanatec Headshot Controller/Mouse review: Fanatec Headshot Controller/Mouse – CNET

The Razer Destructor is still my current pad of choice, but the surface of the Headshot’s approaches its equal. With the grip extended all the way, even my large hands rest comfortably on it. If the Headshot feels too small and narrow, you can widen it by turning two large screws on the bottom and sliding out the left side of the mouse. Universal programming of mouse and all standard keyboard keys. On the other hand, it doubles as a three-port, powered USB hub two ports with the mouse plugged inand a handy plastic arch keeps the mouse cable tucked up and away while leaving enough slack to work comfortably.