I know everyone of us is eager to unlock or help unlocking the boot-loader but please stop posting every article that you find “interesting”. Once the date expired you will be able to buy the regular version if you liked it. Initiate phone formatting after flashing — performs formatting of the memory right after flashing. How to activate this module on my FuriousGold account? You do not have to remember any password. They design to create database application.

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Usually it will be the port with the highest port number. There is some confusion about a Master Reset flaah a Master Clear because on previous Q’s, the same name performed different actions.

This tool improves Macromedia Flash interafce by turning locoso windows palettes, properties locosto flash interface. In case of ignoring this Note, the handset will become locked and will require to be served with any unlocking tool.

[ABANDONED] Bootloader unlock – discuss bootloader matters here

Then browse the different modules available and select the Pack wanted on the right. Page 1 of 3. With over 8 years of incredible and regular updates on FuriousGold, this is the most advanced mobile phone unlocking tool on the market for professionals.


Please take a look at over successful jobs done reported by our customers directly. Log to Motorola tab. Each file can be flasu separately or in combination with other.


Compal Calypso based models can be flashed with the following flash files formats: Secure and Easy access to support area in one click. Usually it will be the port of the highest number. Select appropriate model from the list. Alternatively, the Master Clear procedure can be performed locotso the phone powered Off.

Device is powered by such cables. Field “Package is targeted for” informs about selected file. Wait till the process finishes.

Log to P2K tab. Unbrick your dead-boot lumia Battery settings — for the best phone performance is recommended to create backup of the battery settings before performing a motorola locosto flash interface operation and restore them after completing the flash. In order to get information about phone firmware version, please perform the following steps in phone’s menu: Subscribe to Thread Page 44 of First 34 42 43 44 45 46 54 94 Last.

What are the packs? Motorola locosto flash interface required COM port on which the Compal is connected usually this locosto flash interface the highest port locosto flash interface.


It is already saved in your FuriousGold device.

Unlocking Software | GP LOCOSTO LOBSTER | PACK3

It is already saved in your FuriousGold device. Firmware version In order to get information about phone firmware version, please perform the following steps in phone’s menu: To install the driver: Select appropriate model from the list. Select an appropriate model from the list. To be able to use those modules you will need to connect the FuriousGold server using your FuriousGold device and having access to each of them.

Please remember that Motorola phones of any platform can be flashed with the same or higher firmware version only.

You simply can NOT find this software anywhere else.

Motorola LOCOSTO Flash Interface Free Driver Download for Windows XP () – w_wrar

Please remember to update Smart-Clip first and perform S-Card update after that only. This means some packs including more than 1 module inside.

There are reports that it kills the battery