As garage band doesn’t seem to have any method to adjust parameters of the sound device, you are stuck with what Apple provide, and while cubase can tweak the internal sounds, there seems no way to do that from the system preferences panel. My interface is Steinberg UR Please go through these steps to ensure that everything is set up properly: In short, simply download the app and let it run on your Windows computer. I’ve tried everything I can think of and spend hours and hours googleing. Enter your search terms Submit search form. They can’t be beat.

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There is, however, space for variation between such devices. They must have a support page where they offer free downloads for the exact drivers you need.

Then add the VI to the dry track for mixing and editing. And all the components are balanced to the same quality level. While researching interfaces I did come across this: I’m not a Mac guy, so I’ll only be of limited help here.

What is good latency vs. It’s only a small sub-section of this forum.


So I plugged the Mac directly into the speaker, works. How to stop latency? There are hacks and workarounds but they don’t let you do it by default for good reasons.

I went to the garagbeand control panel in Cubase LE6, changed the sample size tofrom Don’t give up just yet! Originally Posted by Chili. I’ve tried everything I can think of and spend hours and hours googleing.

ONE (iPad and Mac): Setup

Note that some of these things aren’t, necessarily, related to price. The Focusrite 2i4 has it too, but not the 2i2. Results 1 to 10 of In that app, you can set your ASIO buffer size. Steinberg UR22 is the one I went with.

Garageband 10 latency

This can make one device much easier to record a good result on than another, the USB interface may be better implemented resulting in lower latency. The experienced Digital Guys can advise on whether that’s a no no or not. GarageBand is a toy, get a proper recording program.

VortexMar 27, It’s such a same the amount of money I have spent on this computer and recording stuff and the amount of time I have spend trying different programs and googleing stuff and tinkering around and trying to record and just getting frustrated and in the end not being able to make music.


Otherwise, close down other unneeded programs to free up resources.

We’ll see if it keeps working. I dream of a better tomorrow where chickens can cross roads without their motives being questioned. It’s all about finding that balance for your computer. I have the latest driver.

How to stop latency? – Home Recording forums

But I do recognize the. I guess we’ll find out Do you already have an account?

I also wanted something which would let me connect my PC and Mac to the same set of speakers so my 4-input mixer seemed a great idea, but asuo hindsight it seems I was trying to do too much I actually have an iRig HD I can presumably try using as a single-channel audio interface first. Do I need 2 USB interfaces one for input and another for output?!