I am quite pleased with this driver. Reluctantly, I gave it a test. Distance was seriously awesome. It was considered to be a professional courtesy. Step 1- Select Clubs. Several nationally advertised brands are making their off the rack drivers 46″ to 47″ long. Put a good swing on it and the balls goes for a long ride.

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powermax in Golf Clubs | eBay

You have completed the online club building process. The 4th thru the 10th drives were pulls or dead hooks 3 in the parallel fairways. It was nothing special and the finish was sub par.

Not bad for a range ball and an out of shape disabled guy. My clubs lasted probably rounds of golf and could have gone at least half that more so they should easily last one season plus gigagolf offers a one year full warranty on parts and labor as well as 30 day playability guarantee so your probably covered Also Ive played steel shafts on my Irons forever and the only time I feel discomfort from them is when I hit it really fat.

You have completed the online club building process. Want to hide this ad? Let your swing speed tell you what loft to choose.


Why is choosing the correct length and lie so important? This may be the best 3 wood I have ever hit. The innovative GigaGolf eFit system will help you build your clubs correctly no matter what your age or ability level.

Re: GigaGolf Clubs Just Arrived!

Swingweights listed are for the recommended configuration. Took my Gigagolc driver to the range for the first time this weekend.

I had this driver put together with the Grafalloy Prolaunch Red, regular stiffness, 45″, at Hit 7 out of 13 fairways which is a little below norm for me.

I’m paying to play while they are being paid to play. The more Gigaagolf look at it, the TRX Burner clones, with graphite shafts might be the more lasting route – not quite as “beginner” as the GXs – and sound like they could allow me to shape later on in my game development.

Length and lie adjustments are an important part of the fitting process.

Save powermax to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. I just received the GXz 15 degree 3 wood. It’s so funny when people stick their noses up in the air at non “name brand” clubs. There are two basic measurements to take:. It wasn’t a fluke, all day long and all day strong right down the middle! Play better golf with custom clubs fit for you and your game. If your serious about your game, then this driver is for you!!


So, bottom line is this: These are NOT “clones”. Flex see all Flex.

I hit the ground repeatedly with the gigagopf but the club barely dug in and my bladed duffs were traveling at least yards instead of the usual 12″ toupee traveling as far as the ball. I like the look, the sound and the ball flight.

Re: GigaGolf Clubs Just Arrived! |

Why is choosing the correct shaft type and flex important? Adding or subtracting length cause the largest change. Break the mold, there is your new motto Gigagolf. Adding or subtracting length cause the largest change. By the way, I sent the driver back because the