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You might be surprised how often you play the shot you set up for. This is an simple solution to fixing a golf slice, and one that can have an immediate impact. Gradually, it starts to fade right. Though it may initially feel uncomfortable, it will force you to keep your club on a better swing path throughout the backswing, allowing you to swing straight through the line of the ball on your downswing and follow through. This movement will impart left to right spin on the ball, while the excessively steep downswing will send the ball much higher than you want it, resulting in a loss of both control and distance. Many PGA Tour professionals prefer to hit fades. This will force you to keep your elbow in throughout your swing.

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If you are a chronic slicer, you will likely find that your right elbow flares out, away from your body during your backswing. To combat this issue, rotate your left hand clockwise until you how to stop a slice in golf with a see three of its knuckles.

Position the grip mainly in the fingers of your left hand. Imitate your normal swing, however as you feel your right hand and forearm rotate over the left, let go of the club completely. For most chronic slicers, a number of these problems will be applicable. So as promised here below is the video to help you stop your golf slice and to show you a simple way how to hit a draw.

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A great drill to practice releasing the club happens to be a pretty enjoyable one: A proper golf grip is a guaranteed way to get more control over your golf shots.

Instant Fixes: 3 Ways To Stop A Slice

Maybe your best shots still fade a little — so be it. Gradually, it starts to fade right.

That all changed when I discovered this simple anti-slice drill and started smashing my drives! This stronger grip will enable you to keep the club face in the correct position through the point of impact, and contribute to eliminating your slice. Unfortunately, this only makes the problem worse, as the player ih then forced to continually make the same mistake in order to keep the ball in play.

Golfers often find themselves in the woods after hitting a slice. What we want to do is to avoid starting your downswing from outside the ideal swing path. Striking the ball on the upswing will help promote a straighter flight and greater distance. Then do it again, and again, and again, until it feels natural. From there, you slie work on developing a draw.

Martin Hall’s Golf Tips to Stop a Slice | Golf Channel

Put a Draw on the Ball. Golf Slice Towel Drill: Most likely, you will end up releasing it way up in the air go to the left, maybe even over your left shoulder.

Correct gokf Golf Slice in a Golf Swing. Rotate the clubhead’s toe over the heel after impact. If this is the case, sure, aim left.

With the club grounded, you should be able wtop see at least two knuckles of your left hand as you look down at the club. These 7 simple steps will show you how to fix your slice and start hitting straighter golf shots.


As you swing back, your thigh will move away from this object slightly, indicating the transfer of weight towards your back foot.

Finally! How To Fix A Slice: 7 Simple Steps to a Beautiful Ball Flight

Of all the causes of a slice, this is perhaps the most simple one to notice. This step is not so much a tip to fix your slice as a great way to recognize why you wity one. A simple way to practice this is to place something next to your front foot, and touching your left thigh during your set up.

As has been covered, when you hit a slice, generally your club has travelled on an outside-in swing path through your downswing. This often occurs with players who are also not properly releasing the club see Step 7.

Hall’s tips to stop a slice

How do you know where in your stance to position the ball? They can provide you with vital information about why you just hit a slice, and more importantly, how severe your outside-in swing path was. After making these corrections you can enjoy a slice-free golf game.