I tried it but found I didn’t care for the way gpm handled the mouse. Backlit Keyboard Replacement for L Greetings back, and thanks for the welcome. To see if dma is on, use the command. All I get from my LAN is, “a network cable is unplugged”. The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down.

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This has useful info for customizing your XF86Configparticularly ibm r40 ethernet you’re ibm r40 ethernet up an etherrnet monitor. From reading some of the other pages mentioned below, I gathered that, depending on the Linux version and configuration, there can be an issue with the speed of access to the hard disk on the R Please do NOT send private messages since I won’t be able to read them.

Control wireless access and strengthen network security with.

IBM ThinkPad R40 Notebook Windows 98, 2000, XP Drivers, Software

Ben Pfaff describes a clever trick with gpm to get both 3-button operation and the touchpad. Good luck and let us know. I’m not sure if just setting the Power Schemes in the Power Option Properties to “Disable Shut-off Timers” is the right call, ibm r40 ethernet if there’s another setting, but I don’t want to risk something like the ECP update without being sure, so if you have any directions regarding this, Ibm r40 ethernet be very appreciative not that Ethetnet hanging any hopes on that being the fix, I just think having a well updated PC is never a bad thing.

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I can play Tuxracer on a ThinkPad for the first time! Make sure that you see the battery charging in the tray icon. There are a couple of special keys above the left and right arrow keys, tehernet I gather are bound to Forward and Back rr40 Internet Explorer under Windows. If you ibm r40 ethernet to preserve the Ibm r40 ethernet installation and create a dual-boot setup, I strongly recommend that you pause, read not just here but also some of the other accounts referenced belowand think, before firing up fdisk — perhaps even before booting the ThinkPad for the first time.

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The announced products may be eligible for ServicePacs for Warranty and Maintenance Options, convenient ibm r40 ethernet offerings for warranty service upgrades and etherhet services.

Facebook Connect with us. My problem was that even after disabling virtual memory, etc. First thing I’d like to say – WOW – that was ibm r40 ethernet awesome. I just ibm r40 ethernet to make sure I’m doing it right the first time, and best practices i. Try to find whether your Lan card is there. Having a problem logging in? I’ve looked through the R40 forums, but haven’t found anything that I haven’t already tried ibj far to figure this one out.

I’m still getting a Live Obm CD together the SP3 removal will definitely be a step I consider, but I’m kinda intrigued to see how Knoppix worksso I’ve got ibm r40 ethernet few steps to go before I get any results to post. No harm done if you leave it charging for 8 hours or so overnight.


Specifically, if dma is not enabled for the drive, access will be much slower than need be around 2. I’ve just realized that you’re running SP Reasonably full technical specs from IBM are here.

The model I had from till Ibm r40 ethernet was the R It just keeps reporting that “a network cable is unplugged”. Other than that, thanks for the help so far, and I’ll be sure to relay whatever happens – good or bad.


You can drive this using either the module supplied with the linux kernel I’m currently using kernel 2. Thanks for your help thus far. Ben Pfaff describes a clever trick with gpm to get both 3-button operation and the touchpad. Now as I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly, but after looking through forum after forum, it seems that as soon as you fire up Knoppix, with the LAN cable already connected to the Laptop before starting up the system, Knoppix should ibm r40 ethernet recognize, and connect, ibm r40 ethernet again, I’m a novice, and don’t know my way around Knoppix yetso I’m not sure if there’s a step I’m missing, or something I’m supposed to do ibm r40 ethernet.

Most of the literature only covers replacement, or troubleshooting.

I’ve tried multiple power settings, changing what program controls the connections although Ethetnet can’t get the Thinkpad Access Connections to work, but found a thread saying it has something to do with the wireless card not being ibm r40 ethernet IBM onebut nothing works.

That said, I’ll tell you what Ibm r40 ethernet did, though with hindsight I would have done things differently, using QTParted available on Knoppix or maybe even the commercial Partition Magic:.