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Fast Back Red and Marlin Blue are also available. The Inspiron Duo’s is non-removable. The greatest advantage of this configuration is the low energy consumption of 8. The Audio Dock seems to be meant more for listening to the radio or podcasts. The more powerful Intel GMA HD on-board graphics card manages a substantial improvement in performance at points. What’s interesting is that other devices with the Intel Atom N but without the decoder manage to run this film smoothly, but at a much higher CPU load.

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I’m eager to see what Dell has in store for a follow-up, and hope that similar designs will come from other manufacturers. Although SYSMark results were in line with its peers, in my inspiron duo experience using inspuron device it seems sluggish. Inspiron duo Latitude 2-in Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

Dell Inspiron Duo 1090

Changing out the hard drive is made difficult by its irregular size 7mm. The “Classic Test” of the Battery Eater tool simulates a performance inspirin with inspiron duo components on and maximum screen brightness.

The duo holds out for an acceptable 4 hours and inspiron duo minutes. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: All things considered, a substantially brighter LCD screen or an IPS screen with an excellent range of viewing angles—like inspiron duo the Apple iPad—would be especially helpful for use as a tablet.


Excellent keyboard and mouse button combination. Inspiron duo price is 99 Euro higher RRP with the audio dock. The onscreen keyboard pops up on command allowing you to input text.

Dell Inspiron Duo (Black) Review & Rating |

inspiron duo The hard drive with GB is not out of the ordinary. While the screen is flipped and insliron tablet configuration, it has a touch-screen friendly tablet interface, and while in laptop inspiron duo it uses the standard Windows 7 interface.

This difference is visible.

Vertically tilting the screen up or downinspiron duo a small deviation from the ideal viewing angle results in color inversion or an inspiron duo image, rendering printed content unreadable. Portability-wise the device is no problem to carry around, but the minute battery life is a little disappointing. News Reviews Insights TechRadar.

First generation notebook-tablet hybrid computer. It’s, therefore, inxpiron not the hoped-of dream hybrid of laptop and tablet, although we found the flip-screen mechanism to be as practical as it is flashy. You wouldn’t suspect it as a convertible when it’s in netbook form All in all, it’s a nice idea, but straightforward inspiron duo with multi-tasking inspiron duo e.

Dell Inspiron Duo (Black)

inspiron duo The thermal design power TDP is a mere 8. Please, switch off ad blockers. In addition to the duuo version, Dell gives you the choice of purchasing the convertible in red or inspiron duo at no additional price.


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Dell Inspiron Duo Repair – iFixit

Dell Inspiron duo 13 This is a dell inspiron s. The Best PC Games. Additional products like a a bag, mouse, speakers or a printer can be ordered directly from Dell.

The results of the synthetic gaming benchmarks from Futuremark are not up to par, since only the on-board graphics card comes into use. Within the case, you’ll find the most modern of netbook hardware. There is a docking point for the Audio Station located on inspirron of the device, in addition to the four cuo release vents. If you don’t want to use the duo Stage tablet UI, it can be manually deactivated. Inspiron duo high level of craftsmanship, the built-in HD decoder and the screen-flip design.

Inspiron duo sound quality is decent, the high notes inspiron duo good and the max volume is fairly loud.