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I narrowed it down to two choices:. Google Pixel XL 8. This freedom makes the mouse easier to use and ideal for such intense activities as computer gaming as well as fine detail work such as photo editing. It even features a “kickstand” to elevate the mouse during use, improving ergonomics. They were almost identical in features and price, and I settled on the Toshiba simply because it was immediately available locally when I finally make up my mind what to buy, I want it now. E-Mail required – will not be published.

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Review: The Ultra-Portable ‘MoGo’ Notebook/Laptop Mouse

Stefan Vorkoetter May 05, Now you see moggo. By buying this product you can collect up to 2 loyalty points. However, a quick e-mail to Newton Peripherals resulted in an assurance that it works fine with Vista, so I ordered one.

Read in comfort at the pool or beach. OnePlus 6T first take review: Bluetooth has an operating range of up to 30 feet, giving you extreme versatility in how you use the mouse.

Connecting to your notebook is straightforward: My Profile Log Out. It even features a “kickstand” to elevate the mouse during use, improving ergonomics. See any errors on this page?

To this right-handed reviewer it felt comfortable enough to use. However, it’s easy to break a pairing by pressing mose same Connect button used to create one, after which you can go through the pairing process mouwe with another notebook.


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Built-In Rechargeable Battery Saves Money and the Environment Unlike other wireless mice that require expensive and environmentally unfriendly battery replacements every few months, the MoGo Mouse BT has a built-in rechargeable battery that is automatically recharged every time it’s stored inside the PC Card slot. The MoGo Mouse and an early Logitech corded optical mouse.

On-line, the MoGo mouse can be ordered from:. With the mouse placed mousf that its raised end is furthest from your fingertips, grooves sit neatly under the ends of index and second fingers; there’s a noticeable sound when either groove is depressed to make mouse clicks. After supper and dishes, I came back to find the light was a solid green, showing that the mouse was now fully charged.

MoGo Mouse BT

,ouse saves you money and helps you protect the environment. LG V40 ThinQ review: Comparison of MoGo Mice. Mac Mini 8. It works really well, is super slim and therefore travels brilliantly, but just won’t work with the latest Apple notebooks.

It would have been just as moogo to return it and buy a cheap traditional notebook mouse. You’ll be able to simply and intuitively navigate virtually any application–on the go, at the office, or at home. Full-featured smartphone built for Android tinkerers.


Getting the mouse working is almost trivial. Vangipurapu Phanindra February 11, I really like your article very much.

MoGo Mouse BT Review | ZDNet

Reviews 0 Write a review. The buttons have just the right amount of resistance that they are easy mkgo press, without being so light that I press them accidentally.

Apple technology moves fast, and that, sadly, means a lot of peripheral kit can become redundant quickly. Links to eBay searches are provided in association with the eBay partner network. During testing cursor movement around the notebook’s screen was at times a little more jerky than we’re used to with a tethered mouse.

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You may link to this site or pages within it, but you may not link directly to images on this site, and you may not copy any material from this site to another web site or other publication without express written permission. Newton Peripherals MG reviews. I probably would have bought the V, but ….