Dave, with the clunky feel and your shots going right, do you think that regular shaft might be playing more like a stiff? What about a senior golfer with swing speed of mph…will this club benefit me at all, thanks. I was on a range and could not really tell the distance, but I am sure they were solid — in the — range with roll. Hoping those who have recently received theirs will also post an update. I just received mine today.

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Matt Waldron 7 years ago. I have tried to replace it with others, but i come back to powerbit now and it is a good golf club. I hit more toe shots than I hit the sweet spot. Although you might not notice the technology working, my FlightScope Xi Tour numbers tell me all I need to know. I kill the ball off the tee. May as well throw my comments in the mix. I read the review and had powerbilt air force one n7 experiences with the Zevo Compressor in the past, and was willing to give this baby a try.

Shot dispersion tightest ever in our drivers.

I have not hit the AFO as of yet, but I can tell you in my opinion the Nitrogen aspect of the driver should make a difference. Too late now,,see what happens!


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The look and feel was very comfortable. It was an indoor driving range. Will get back to you later.

I feel I have good control over the trajestory and I believe the shaft E stiff is a great shaft for my swing swing speed around My drives have averaged — yds with the AFO, rather than the — yds with the Cobra. The new Air Force One drivers were certainly a surprise. Thrice, I have emailed PB now and not a murmur. Also, instead of I can get consistantly and ocasionally nail a yarder.

The thinner clubface provides me with a better trampoline to propel the golfball and the nitrogen filled chamber provides equal support thus giving powerbilt air force one n7 a larger sweet spot to hit the ball with.

PowerBilt Air Force One N7 Air Foil 2 Nitrogen Charged º Driver | eBay

poweerbilt I can confidently say that this is the most solid driver we have ever produced. All the shots felt very solid and I could tell that the sweet spot was very large.

The trjectory was perfect.

It seems that Powerbilt had been having some Computer problems which is why I never received an answer. Ralph Davenport 8 years ago. The reengineering to convert to interchangeable shafts is not cheap, and then you need to buy dozens of shafts in various frequencies.


Same effect as using Argon, Xenon, Helium, etc. It is a swing which I was getting straight down the middle with R7 last year. For more information on PowerBilt and all its products, visit www. Forget the advertising crapola.

PowerBilt Air Force One N7 Graphite Iron Set

I want to compare the difference of onee the face thickness. So that leaves P and nT. Years ago I had the Zevo Compressor driver that was Nitrogen filed as well and I will state under oath that I have never hit a longer, consistant, or better feeling driver ever.

Engineer2 8 years ago. powerbilt air force one n7

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The performance was surprisingly good. If you are intending to skewer the science and engineering hyperbole used in advertising, I will gladly chime in. I understand this is aif an inexpensive proposition, but I powerbilt air force one n7 see the crowds as the buzz gets around.