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The matt and slightly roughened plastic of the inside surfaces, as well as the the perforated loudspeaker grille above the keyboard, and indeed all the surfaces, have a excellent, high-quality feel to them. The warranty period on Samsung notebooks is 12 months. The large palmrest provides room enough for a decent sized, responsive touchpad. The X achieved a score of 3, in PCMark05, and when we ran 3DMark06 — respectable but not particularly exciting scores. To add one more to the count, Samsung has fleshed out another incher to augment their ranks of ultrathin notebooks.

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Viewing angles of the Samsung X It’s also an attractive machine and the silver trim and glossy lid make a good impression. Tilting the screen only a small distance up or down causes the colours to distort.

Read more Reviews Ultraportable laptops. You may also be interested in Just for your information, the slightly bigger brother X model offers a full bodied Core 2 Duo P workhorse.

On the other hand Samsung has found room for a second Fn key on the right side of the keyboard, allowing access to several special functions. To be perfectly honest, it comes across as being pretty cheap. Watch out for the default screensaver; when it activates it increases the energy usage by a whole 3 Wattsso you would be better off without it.


Contrast wasn’t great, though, and this made very light images appear lacking in detail. With wobbly keys offering only a weak point of responseyou get too little tactile feedback and cannot be sure if a key has sasmung been pressed.

DVI cables are most commonly used to transmit video data from older PCs to older The horizontal viewing angle is reasonably good, and means you don’t have to be looking at the screen dead-on to see what’s happening. Samsung does make a few blunders in other areas; the screen’s brightness measurements were mediocre at best, although the screen did not look too bad with the naked eye. It also promises good performance and portability with its dual-core processor and large battery.

What does DVI mean? However, they’ve left it to their X-series to steal the show – a premium notebook range designed for portability, good looks and performance. The hard drive is correspondingly quiet, remaining at a barely audible The good workmanship of the case is obvious. This is of course particularly irritating on a highly portable machine like the Samsung X But as for the keyboard – wobbly keys with a strangely soft response do not make for a good typing experience.

On the other hand, Samsung offers plenty of accessories for sale on its website: The samsug hinges are made of plastic, as is everything on the outside of the Sansung X Not finding what you’re looking for?


There aren’t any extra shortcut keys to break the minimalist design, so important actions are mapped to the function keys. Read on to find out. Audio quality was average, with decent mid-range, but bass was lacking and treble was slightly harsh.

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This is definitely a major strength of the X, and it can be recommended to all those who are sensitive to noise. It has an energy-efficient and yet powerful samssung and ample memory, making it suitable for tasks which are more demanding than internet use and word processing. The chrome-style edging, high-gloss lid and matt surfaces inside, along with the embedded metallic particlesgive it a modern and high-quality samsyng.

It is good to see that the South Koreans have avoided glossy surfaces on the inside of the notebook, since these always tend to pick up smudges and finger prints.

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As a quick real-life test we installed the popular and relatively undemanding World of Warcraft. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Meet the Samung X