The display, which is held by a centrically arranged turning tilting mechanism , can be adjusted with pleasant force expenditure, but whips clearly. Toshiba incorporated biometric security into the M We can’t tell you the pros and cons because we haven’t reviewed it yet. As already mentioned, the connections are apparently arbitrarily distributed around the sub-notebook. If it makes sense to judge sub-notebooks with integrated graphics solution according the 3D-performance , the Toshiba Portege M is rather at the lower edge of comparable configurations. The display solution with turning folding hinge and direct input mode expands the possibilities for applications, compared with a conventional sub-notebook. The pictures of the actual unit loaded with Windows 10 for testing.

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In good working condition. As maximum surface temperature Beyond that the Toshiba Portege M offers a docking port toshibx the lower surface of the chassis.

Review Toshiba Portege M – Reviews

Should you need assistance, the following services are available: Hmm… I am thinking conspiracy theory here! With longer time under load then a noticeable exhaust air warmth is to be determined, the fan nevertheless always keeps the same number of revolutions.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. For us, the Toshiba Portege M remains as toshiba portege m400 interesting notebook in memory, rich in variants.

Portsge has been tested and is fully functional. Your satisfaction and hopefully earned The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and m40 teams.


Unscored No review score yet. Temperature The Toshiba Portege M pottege warms up during operation. We love the Core Duo processor option and the biometric security. The Core Duo technology is everything we expected it to be.

The M also includes a built-in Bluetooth radio. However, the slightly falsified color reproduction was not visible with the naked eye. The toshiba portege m400 switches, buttons and card expansion slots all feel as though they will handle day to day use without a hitch. This laptop has not been tested for functionality and is being sold as-is, toshiba portege m400 parts portefe. We would have liked to see Toshiba offer dedicated graphics as an option for those users who actually want to play games beyond Solitaire, but Toshiba left us hi and dry in that regard.

Since the M includes a VGA out port, plugging into toshiba portege m400 nice large external monitor is a snap.

Go ahead an run the damn antivirus or spyware updates and scans without bogging down the machine. PDF document in Internet Explorer.

If upon receipt you are not happy with purchase please contact me. Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section.

Toshiba M400

The swivel base is not the sturdiest we have felt, but seems to work fine for us so far. Except the battery toshiba portege m400which is inserted into the toshiba portege m400 somewhat wobblythe notebook is very compact and durable and also is very rigid against torsions. Funny thing though, the M just absolutely refused to pair up with our Apple branded Bluetooth keyboard. We do however wish to mention the benefits we experienced from the Core Duo architecture.


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toshiba portege m400 As individuals, we all have our own tolerance levels for noise, but as we have worked with many different Tablet PC models m4000 than I wish to countI can say with confidence that the fan on our review unit runs consistently quiet. The M navigation features are straightforward.

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Display The Toshiba Portege M display is bright and clear. May need a toshiiba battery. The display, which is held by a centrically arranged turning tilting mechanismcan be adjusted with pleasant force expenditure, but whips clearly.

Nevertheless, the display responds very well to the Tablet PC pen and reacts already with a distance of cm above the display surface.